I have more than 10 years experience in web development and web application operating. I have strong knowledge in web backend development and operating but I can manage frontend issues when it is necessary. In the last 8 years I have worked with high loaded systems like Ustream.tv or arukereso.hu. My opinion is that the good code is clean/readable and protected by tests. I like working in “DevOps” environment, I think that’s a good way when a developers can manage their code environments. Nowadays I'm mostly interested in server automatisation solutions (eg: Chef, Vagrant), cloud infrastructures, continuous integration/delivery solutions (eg: Jenkins, codeship.io, Ant), Go.

Work experience

IBM Budapest Lab (former Ustream Inc.)

Backend Engineer | 2010 - Present

Ustream is the leading live video platform on the internet. Most of my time I deal with our paid products. My key tasks are plan, maintain and develop the payment and subscription services. I am the leader engineer of subscription workshop (this is not an exact team) which is makes the microservices above. PHP MySQL Chef PHPUnit Behat CI/Jenkins LAMP SOA PayPal Zuora Symfony 2 Silex Memcache Rabbit MQ SOAP REST SVN Git Scrum Kanban


Full Stack Web Developer | 2009 - 2010

I worked for few small media agencies where I made many different websites (from microsites to complex webshops with integrated depository records) and applications. My long term client was the gal6.com which is a complex round based strategy game. PHP MySQL MSSQL CSS HTML JavaScript Symfony 1.4 Symfony 2 E-commerce LAMP Memcache SVN Git


Full Stack Web Developer | 2008 - 2009

arukereso.hu is the leading price comparison site in Hungary and some other Eastern European countries. arukereso.hu is a member of the Naspers Group. We worked in cross functional teams and with cross functional members. I dealt with a backend (from site backend to daily scripts which worked with few millions of records) and frontend issues. PHP MySQL CSS HTML JavaScript PayPal E-commerce LAMP Memcache SVN CVS


Full Stack Web Developer | 2005 - 2008

PolePosition (former First Class Group Ltd.) is a web media agency. I started here as a junior web developer. We made many different websites, webshops and intranet management applications for many different customers. When I left the company I was the lead developer and I managed five other developers. PHP MySQL CSS HTML JavaScript E-commerce


Óbuda University

Legal successor of Budapest Tech | 2006 - N/A

Petrik Lajos

Computer Network Programmer | 2004 - 2006
Hungarian Education ID: OKJ 54 4641 05